A note from Nisey <



Thanks for visiting my page! It is still undergoing some changes and making the finishing touches to its design,

so please bear with me! Feel free to have a look around at my different tabs.

You are most welcome to make a comment or read other comments on my blog entries ~

It is always nice to know you were here!

Make sure ti check out my 1st published book I WISH I WERE…

I WISH I WERE is a beautiful book describing the precious moments of love throughout an ordinary day.

From the pillow to the paper, to the simplicity of the unfolding day, Denise brings home the warmth that

can lie in friendship and companionship.

A book suitable for all age groups, for any loved one, family member, husband or wife…

boyfriend or girlfriend…or anyone whom you miss…or to simply let them know you care!


ღ◄♥*´¨`*♥*´¨`*♥♫ ♫ ♪♥†

Making every moment a precious moment~



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