Goodbye! ~ ♡ ♡

Goodbye! ~ ♡ ♡

written by Denise

~ ♡ ♡

Well. I didn’t intend to write a blog post today, but sometimes life just presents you with something that you didn’t expect. I should be studying right now, but I can’t. I have tried for several hours to relax and calm myself down but I am wound up tighter than an old grandfather clock! My heart is racing faster than a racehorse after the stalls open. My chest feels like it will explode, and my hands are shaking wildly. Are you curious?

Well I never saw it coming. We got on so well, for years and years you were one of my favourites. But it is all over now. Yes, and for those who know me, you will be surprised.

Ten days ago I slowly withdrew from you, and replaced you with healthier choices. I even began to sleep better. I had changed my eating patterns, although I was never an unhealthy eater, I still needed to up my food game somewhat and I did. Ten days of visible rewards and energy I had not felt in years. I even enjoyed the most perfect night’s sleep on more than one occasion and it has been so refreshing. But today it is all over. I can barely believe it myself. It hurts to even say it. But right here, right now, with the symptoms I am feeling, it is not a hard choice to make.

~ ♡ ♡

You see, coffee and I go way back. It has only been once or twice a day that we met, but what great and special moments they were. A rich Italian roasted latte with a dollop of vanilla flavouring, and viola, perfection in a china cup, or any cup for that matter! And when I have had the opportunity to get to QT in America, well then it was my pleasure to enjoy a nice vanilla cupcake concoction, with lots of other pleasant flavours like hazelnut or caramel thrown in too. The added joy was having it made perfectly for me. Ahhh it brings me back to wonderful memories just describing those luxurious sweet mixes. Ahhh but that is all in the past, starting from today.

You see, I was journeying home after a morning of college classes. I had sipped the very last of my jasmine green tea, which I take every day with me in my travel mug. It keeps it nice and warm for hours. So as I headed up the street towards home, minding my own business and not even thinking about coffee, it suddenly crept into my mind to treat myself. The thought was quickly chased away at the sight of an oncoming jogger wearing a bright blue t-shirt with the words “I AM AWESOME” written brilliantly and boldly across his chest. I giggled to myself, not at him or anything, but I thought it was cool to see someone confident enough to declare it. And he is right, for we all have our own awesomeness and should all own such a t-shirt. To me God is awesome, the Great I Am! So when I saw the jogger approaching I instantly thought “Yes, I AM is AWESOME!”    I went on about my journey home, and turned my usual corner to the street that led to my abode. And there it was. A new café, screaming to me at the top of its lungs to come in! It wanted me to treat myself, and well, I just couldn’t disappoint it! Within seconds my empty green tea flask was hidden away in my college bag as if it never existed, and I was in line to order, and order I sure did. One nice vanilla creamy latte to go, coming right up, and heavy on the vanilla kind sir! And he did! YUM, I could smell it as he filled up the last of the frothy cream, and topped it off with a lovely heart shape to secure the deal! I was won hook, line and sinker!

~ ♡ ♡

I paid and left. Strolling along, admiring the out of season early cherry blossoms along the way. Savouring delicious mouthfuls of my hot and lovely coffee, yes it was altogether delicious! The sun peeped out and the birds sang, and my taste buds sang right along with them.

I was home sooner than expected. Although I love my daily walks, somehow the coffee I was consuming gave me an added pep to my step, that is until an hour later, and indeed at this very moment. I am not a well bunny, and am hoping that sleep has not been chased out of my system for the approaching night ahead. My head feels like it is on a roller coaster of the highest magnitude. My hands are shaking beyond measure, so for the typos I have missed in these ramblings, please understand. So it is with sad but strong resolution that my love affair with coffee has ended. All I can say is that you were good to me, or so I thought.  I could say it’s not you, it’s me, but well I can’t say that because it is you. My homemade editions of you have been my safer bet, but alas I feel that even they will be a thing of the past!

 ~ ♡ ♡

So, I am sorry to say this to you coffee lovers out there, but it was not until I had allowed my system ten days of life without my dear caffeine companion, that I have come to realize the absolute crazy side effects it is lavishing upon me in the cruelest way. So goodbye coffee, adios amigo!

As a side note, while I was in the cafe waiting for my latte, an enthusiastic friendly American gentleman ordered something I had not heard of before, it was called “The All Day Cure” and I find myself wondering if maybe I should have made the same choice. One wonders. If you know what that is then let me know. I may need it before the night is through if this shaking

does not subside! After my get together with coffee today, I am not feeling so AWESOME at all!



~ ♡ ♡

7 thoughts on “Goodbye! ~ ♡ ♡

  1. Sorry you and your coffee aren’t playing well together but I SO admire your commitment to healthier living. Hope you are settling down now after some bread and milk =)

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, I have tried the remedy but alas I am still FLYING high & I can hear my own heartbeat even over the soft jazz playing beside me….Time will tell! =) Thanks though! x

    1. I guess after such a scarey heart racing response when I cleaned my system from it, I am determined to keep on the healthy path! I only drank a one cafe bought coffee a day & even after a week off it, my system flipped when I went back to it! Be strong!

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