❀ I WISH I WERE Book Reviews

I WISH I WERE is a beautiful poem describing the precious moments of love throughout an ordinary day. From the pillow to the paper, to the simplicity of the unfolding day, Denise brings home the warmth that can lie in friendship and companionship. A 32 paged book suitable for all age groups, for any loved one, family member, husband or wife…boyfriend or girlfriend…or anyone whom you miss…or to simply let them know you care! The gift of this book lets someone know that you wish you were a part of their ordinary day, making simple things such as a telephone call, a cup of tea, a goodnight prayer or a morning cup of tea, something special simply by being shared together!
I WISH I WERE is now available on BIBLIO
Through http://www.biblio.com…(& FOOTPRINTS Bookshop S.U.)….So please check it out! Thanks guys!! =) I have left signed copies in SU so all ordered via Biblio will be signed by myself…=) Shipped all over the world…You just name the place! =) ♥
I Wish I Were PB by Denise Kennedy – Paperback – Signed First Edition – from Footprints Books



14 thoughts on “❀ I WISH I WERE Book Reviews

  1. I WISH I WERE is a charming and delightful book that children will cherish and adults will treasure from the moment the enchanting cover catches their eye. Filled with dreams of memories past and future anticipations, this book spans generations and cultures to interweave itself into the hearts and minds of all those who hope for better days for their loved ones. The simple language makes it readable by young students, yet does not hide its profound message from those who would look for deeper things. For those who understand the value of love, and the simple expression of human relationships, this book is an investment that will last a life-time. A wonderful gift for anyone special in your life. (This review was sent to me by Sinead Gleeson Roy ~ Thanks Sinead for your kind words!)

  2. ~~~ Yippee! (both of us jumping up and down) Thank you Denise Kennedy! Your wonderful book arrived today! It is PERFECT! Kim and I encourage everyone to buy her book “I Wish I Were.” It is one of the best children (of all ages) books we have seen in a long time! Her website is http://www.denisekennedy.org.
    Love from your newest Atlanta fans! ♥ ♥ ♥ Kim & Tamy

    A new review from ~ Whatsheknew Krhughes-Tlburns.
    (Thanks Kim & Tamy ~ @ Whatsheknew Krhughes-Tlburns for your kind words! See you in Atlanta! xx nisey)

  3. Brigitte Cianciulli-Hawkins posted to Author Denise Kennedy
    24 February
    I recently bought your book “I Wish I Were” for my husband for Valentine’s Day.
    I instantly fell in love with this book and thought it would be perfect to send to my husband since we currently have to be apart as we wait for his immigration process to be complete (he is American whilst I am Canadian). The book expresses precisely what I wish I could be for my husband as we experience a long distance relationship at the moment and do our best to express our love for one another while we are a whole continent and 3 time zones away from one another.
    My husband LOVED the book! Absolutey LOVED it!!!! Thank you so much! It certainly was worth the wait!!! His words after reading it were: “This is supremely awesome! I will cherish this forever!”. He even carries it around in his computer case so he has it where ever he goes and thus having a piece of me with him so I don’t feel so far away.
    Denise, you have touched both of our hearts with your book and made us feel that much closer to one another through your book. Thank you again for this beautifully written and illustrated book! God bless you with many more inspiring books!
    Brigitte Cianciulli-Hawkins
    (Thanks Brigitte for your incredible words & amazing sentiments! May your stay apart soon be over & a new closer life begin! =) Denise)

  4. Arlene R. O’Neil posted to Author Denise Kennedy
    18 February
    As the winner of the “I wish I Were” contest, I’d like to announce that my copy of Denise’s book arrived yesterday just as I got home from having surgery. Now that I have to rest, I have a wonderful book to curl up with while I recover! Thank you Denise!!!!! Arlene O’Neill

    (Arlene You are most welcome, delighted you won! Get well soon! Denise)

  5. Chuck Balsamo posted toAuthor Denise Kennedy
    8 February
    Denise, I’m finally getting a chance to tell you that… I read your book to my wife and two college children and two of their college friends, on Saturday morning! We absolutely LOVED every word and every page… and the BEAUTIFUL illustrations. After the read, we discussed the meaning behind your book… and had a powerful discussion! Thank you for INSPIRING us to better cherish the loving relationships we have. Please hurry up and write your second book… and the third one, etc! You are a blessing to so many people. Your excitement for life is highly contagious. I’m blessed to call you one of my newest friends. 🙂 Chuck Balsamo (Author of ‘Make Me A Legend’)

    (Thanks so much Chuck ~ Your words are so inspiring & your book equally is touching my life is beautiful ways! Write~On! =) You are a blessing my friend! Denise)


  6. Nikki Reynolds posted to Author Denise Kennedy
    4 January
    Hi Denise 🙂 Just wanted to let you know we received our wonderful book in the mail a couple days ago! Thank you so much ♥ It is awesome!!
    (Thanks Nikki, I am so glad it got there safely & you like it! =) Denise)

    • Very honored to have my review posted on your blog Nisey!!! Thanks so much!!! I truly meant every word of my review . . . it is one of the most beautiful & heart-felt books that I have ever read & I’m so very proud that both of my sons own a copy of your loving book!!! Blessings to you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  7. Angela Pope Plummer posted a review to Author Denise Kennedy
    ~ I must express, as someone that LOVES this book immensely & as a mother that has given copies of this beautiful book to my two sons & getting to see how much they loved it as well, I have to suggest that you all purchase this book. Denise’ book will truly make a wonderful & loving gift for one to give to someone in their life that is very special to them by providing a loving way for you to show how much that individual means to you. I can’t think of another book that is so perfect for Christmas when we not only celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our savior & the son of God & what the true meaning of Christmas is about; but, we also celebrate the bringing together of our family & friends. This book will express your love & appreciation for them, even if you don’t quite know how to put the words together to express these feelings yourself. Denise has done it for you with true LOVE exhibited & immense APPRECIATION for your loved ones shown in a brilliant poetic book. It truly is a PERFECT Christmas gift!!! Angela Plummer

    (Thanks Angela for your appreciation and kind review of my book. Denise)

  8. Denise, the the kids from The Servant’s House Christian Academy are enjoying their gift copy of I Wish I Were. Thanks Denise. — with Author Denise Kennedy.

    (You are so welcome Sinead Gleeson Roy & huge thanks! Denise)

  9. Mark Levine posted toDenise Kennedy
    12 March
    Got your book and stuff today! Thanks so very much! What a great surprise from Ireland!!! Mark Levine

    (You are so welcome Mark, glad you won it! Denise)

  10. Darrin Ballard posted to Author Denise Kennedy
    I received your book Saturday and gave it to my wife. She loves it! It’s a great book. Thank you so much. Blessings! Darrin

    (You both are so welcome Darrin ~ Congrats on winning the competition! Denise)

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