The Donut Outlook 🍩 🍩

by Denise Kennedy (June 2014)

I hope my title grabbed your attention…an odd one I know, but this short thought for today will inspire you, I believe.

I woke one morning, eager to start my day with soul food and coffee, but before my feet even hit the carpet, a deep dread overshadowed my short-lived enthusiasm. I was quickly overwhelmed by thoughts of the things in my life that were seemingly incomplete to me. My mind became overcrowded with unanswered prayers and waited-on promises. I instantly felt down in the dumps, and downtrodden by worry and regret. I knew I had a choice to make…I could either choose misery or joy. But misery was winning.


Then in the stillness of a kettle boiling and birds singing near my open window, the still small voice of Hope spoke to my heart: “Life is like a donut…you can either choose to look at the hole in the middle, which represents all that you feel is missing from your life… OR you can choose to look at the amazing things that surround you every day, that fill your life with joy, hope, goodness and countless other precious things…the choice is yours!”

My negative worrying was stopped in its tracks… and with a freshly made cup of brilliance in my hand I made my way over to sit bathed in the sunshine beaming in through my window. For a few moments I quietly let those powerful words permeate my being. It made no sense to keep staring at that empty hole in the middle of the gloriously beautiful donut of life, and yet my heart was weary of waiting, weary of trying to figure things out. I was just plain weary. I picked up my reading passages for the day and continued to try to banish those irritating negative thoughts. Then I read this: ‘What God accomplishes in you while you are waiting, is often more important than the thing you are waiting for.” (UCB Radio)

BOOM! I was stunned by the truth of those words…that even though what I am praying and waiting for is of such importance to me and God, and indeed those involved, there is a deeper work that is far more attractive to the heart and plan of God. He is watching my growth, my faithfulness, my determination to trust Him, among many other things. Suddenly my shoulders dropped from their anxious position and I realised I could find peace instead of striving.  My agenda was refocused and I could see the donut, instead of what was missing in the middle. Peace came. I did not find the answers I wanted, but I found the answers I needed for that moment. Tomorrow is another day, and He will come with what my soul needs. So for today I will enjoy the donut, the blessings, the journey and all that is happening to make me the person in whom God finds delight. There are treasures in dark times, and great joy to be found in the waiting seasons of our lives…It all boils down to which part of the donut you choose to focus on and appreciate.

Enjoy the donut that is your life…find the genuine blessings that surround you every day…for this is the key to unlocking true joy in every circumstance of life.

From the pen of a grateful girl,


The Gift Of Time ❤¸.•*”❤ by Denise

I have heard it said that “Time heals!”….but I disagree. Why? Well…I have had time…lots of it! I have had buckets of time to walk through lots of dreams and disappointments. Time to think about lots of questions and plans. I have had more time than I thought necessary to lay down my heart, to dare to dream again, to believe that God will make all things new. Time and I are best friends by now, except for the fact that there never seems to be enough time in one day to do all I desire. But I know that is the way time rolls, it waits for no one. But lately TIME has taught me a few lessons of its own. I do know for sure that only God can heal, not time!

Let me explain ~

Over the past months, I have heard of the deaths of the most extraordinary people. Many of them are precious friends of mine. Loved ones that I planned to walk this earth beside until God called us all home together. I have had to say goodbye to the most incredible human beings to ever do life with, and it is never easy to comprehend the “why” of it all. But one thing that these goodbyes have taught me, is that I have what they do not, TIME! Yes time for them is free, limitless, never ending, and eternal. A concept I can barely get my head around. But yet it is still true. Time for them is beautiful peace, eternal heavenly gifts in the presence of angels, and the presence of God. Time for me is different; some days it is a gift while on other days it is something to be endured or wished away.

But it is still true that time for me is a gift I sometimes forget to be thankful for.  It is a gift that many who have said their goodbyes to this world, would probably be willing to have more of.

So these days, be grateful for the time you have…for the butterflies that special people give you. Be thankful for the hard days that leave you tired, because at least you are alive to endure them. Be happy that some days are amazing, blissful and full of the most incredible memories life can make, because one day they will be the best part of your yesterdays. Embrace every golden moment because it can suddenly wrap around you on a rainy day and make you smile! Speaking of which, I love the rain, for it cannot steal away the joy that memories of special people bring me.

So when I say that time doesn’t heal, I mean it. Only God can heal and only God can really wake us up to all we have. May we take hold of the gifts that time has for us and may we hold on to them with a full heart of appreciation. Be grateful for time, it is indeed the most incredible gift, and never take for granted the other gifts time gives you, in the shape of people, love, work and dreams.

Just this week, a special dear sis Dawn Chambers Hood, said she wished she were here, walking along the snowy road with me, “Shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart, with a hot cocoa…!” her words made me smile, for it is the simplest of things that are shared with another, that make time one of the most special things we will ever get to share.

Take the time to make every moment a precious one!

Love Nisey

Boo Hoo or Woo Hoo ♥ by Denise

OK…This is raw and hot off the press of  own heart. Some people say that you should guard your heart, not share too much, don’t tell people how it really is, don’t be too vulnerable or even vulnerable at all. Well, whatever is the case for you, then by all means stand by your own convictions. All I know, is that when I read a real gutsy true to the core story written in honesty and humility, I am touched, challenged and motivated to keep on pressing on…After all this is Word PRESS… So I hope it is alright with you if I do just that, and share what is fresh off the press of my own heart. ♥
Resenting the happiness of others… is a phrase that has resounded deeply in my thoughts and affections recently. Did you feel uncomfortable when you read those words? Well to be honest, I didn’t! I felt completely uncomfortable recently when these words floated across the screen of my imagination in brilliant vivid colour.
I did not ask for this test. I did not want to look at the fact that maybe I was guilty of this crime. But in a moment I was undone. Could it be true that I was resentful of the happiness of others? The answer is yes! I stopped everything I was doing. Where did these words come from and why did they arrest my attention so suddenly? The answer is because it was true. I knew it and the God who I surrender my life to daily also knew it.
I won’t describe in detail all the things that I am waiting for in my life. I am sure you have your own list. So think through your list right now. What is first on your agenda? Are you content with how you are handling this ‘holding pattern’ or waiting period? Are you trying with all that is in you to make these dreams become a reality for you and those involved? Only you & God know the answer to these questions. Only you know the reality of your heart.
I wish I could say that I can reveal a huge deep truth here, that will make it easier to come to grips with disappointment. I wish I had an instant cure for handling the waiting room scenarios in our lives, but I cannot. All I can say my friend, is that you are not alone in this season of why’s. You are not the only one who is tempted to look at the lives of others and wish you had what they do. Contemplate this, that when you lower your standards and give way to resentment it will soon turn on you and take your energy, your peace, your joy and  contentment. So stamp on it and determine to be grateful for your blessings, even in the ebb and flow of the sea of life. It may appear in your eyes that others have all they desire, but maybe they look at you and would gratefully swap life with you in an instant.
If you knew the journey I have walked even just today, you would better understand the reason I write these words. If I could paint a picture for you I would, but it would take too long. What I can tell you is I am walking through my lessons right now so please know dear reader, whoever you are, that you are not alone in your circumstances. Se sure that there are others who look at your life and call you blessed. It is time for you to do the same. Let it start with a determination to look at what you have and be grateful, learn to treasure and appreciate the gifts in your life, while on the road to where you want to be!
Honest to goodness, I am walking beside you, learning to make the same choice to be grateful, even at a time of questioning!
In complete sensitivity and compassion I say, there is only One who can turn a Boo Hoo into a Woo Hoo!
He stoops to heal the heart that is hurting!
Love Denise ♥♥
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